Rewritten: Who’s Erdogan’s real enemy?

You might already have know it. May be not. If so, let me begin with this.

March 21, 2014 — Turkey restricted access to Twitter hours after its prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, threatened to “root out” the social media network where wiretapped recordings have been leaked, damaging the government’s reputation ahead of local elections.

Five days later, a court has ordered the suspension of a controversial ban on the social media site Twitter but it could be weeks before it takes effect.

But, if you think all is clear, you’re wrong.

Two days ago, Erdogan accuses Twitter of tax evasion. He demanded the U.S. based company to open a office in Turkey and pay taxes. No words about Google, Facebook, You Tube, Picassa, Instagram, WordPress, Blog, and many more social media providers.

If he demands Twitter to open a physical office, he should do the same for all the others. That could lead into a giant legal battle.

I believe he’s not educated about what internet really is. So, I’m willing to spend some time to learn him some lessons but in a way I hope he’ll get it in his mindset.

What Erdogan wants is the same like this:

Imagine that someone demands  you that you must present yourself permanently in a building and that you are told to pay taxes because you are then permanently in the country were that building is. You will be accused of evading taxes if you refuse to be in that building and in that country permanently.

How, to accuse anyone that way at all?

What about all export companies doing business from their countries with Turkey. They’re not in Istanbul or in Ankara. They’re for example in Tokyo, Honolulu or where ever they are but not in Turkey. Do they not evade taxes?

What about Turkish companies doing business from Istanbul or Ankara.  They do not pay taxes because they’re not in my country.

Erdogan, your motives are ridiculous because they are based on revenge, and even against the wrong party.

If every person like you rules this way then no country in the world will do business with your or any other country were Erdogans alike are ruling.

Internet is a global digital world. It’s a …. well … what should I say …. invisible world becoming visible only when you push the button of your computer.

Internet is not the world as the world is. It’s much different then Erdogan may believe. To me, internet can be compared like the area of a free duty shopping area on airports.

No one owns really the entire internet world. No one can claim to be the ruler, head of state or even king or emperor of that world.

Twitter in Turkey is actually the presence of signals, pulses or whatever you want to call them.

What Erdogan want is to transform these signals into something physical he can control over and take physical revenge. Well, Twitter don’t need to be in Turkey as they already have experienced.

Erdogan may receive any right to demand when Twitter have physical activities inside Turkey while the organization is abroad. As I wrote: Twitter’s presence in Turkey consists only in signals or pulses. That’s not physical. That’s having no right to demand.

Also, Twitter and Facebook do not operate like Google for instance which have physical presence in Europe. So again, Erdogan cannot demand, and if he switch off the connection he does not only violate the right of information (UN Universal Charter). He then also will violate a range of international treaties on trade.

But, if Erdogan wants to remain unchanged, he also must demand those who are tagged below.

I’m not finished yet.

I mentioned You Tube before.

Like Twitter, Erdogan banned the U.S. based company as a punishment for what Turkish users did. It it’s not only unfair and unjust. It also shows something different:

He clearly provide the world evidence that social media is a threat to his own position as “the leader” of the country. A threat just like all journalist who are now behind bars.

In other words: he just simply criminalized them like eliminating a enemy. You can see that in all upcoming regimes like in Egypt were the media is also targeted. Yes, I strongly believe that Turkey is heading that way.

Erdogan keep reluctant to see who’s his real enemy:

It’s not Twitter. It’s not Facebook and You Tube. Nor are they who use them! They have the universal right to enjoy the freedom of speech and expression.

Don’t steal it from them because you then show that you’re the enemy yourself and a danger to the country’s stability.


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